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This represents the origins of our business. From early experience in the investment management industry via stepping stones within investor relations,  Eagle was formed to reflect our own approach to corporate access with the intention of providing clients with the kind of support in managing relationships they would not be able to access elsewhere. In essence, within the corporate model, we assist publicly traded companies by becoming an extension of their investor relations departments, assessing the suitability of investors, managing the outreach process, and acting as a liaison in the process of corporate access. For investors, we are an alternative to the sell-side, working with them to access companies in a way that meets their requirements, whether it be through participation in roadshows, conference calls or through company visiting. The overriding objective for Eagle Corporate Access is to enable companies and investors to communicate effectively.


The provision of market intelligence support to clients has been a source of tremendous growth in the past decade as the corporate world attempts to better understand and engage with the investment community. Much of our work in this area is focused on defining the views of investors and relating this to their actions. Our research in this area helps companies to refine their messaging to the investment community and allocate resources more effectively to the task of investor relations. For investors this research offers a better understanding of the companies they are considering investing in and how their decision making compares to peers within the industry.


The role of our investment research products is to better inform the investment community on issues that may have a bearing on how they perceive a particular investment. Typically, this takes the form of research reports summarising key points arising from a recent roadshow. Not every investor has direct access to management in the same way that larger institutional investors do. In our experience a lot of useful information is relayed during roadshows that the broader investment community might appreciate access to, and yet it is left on the floor of the meeting as a by-product. So, it is our contention that the provision of a summary of this content can provide investors with a fuller picture of the nuances and detail around an investment story that reflects the company’s messaging but without the interference created by the vested interest of sell-side produced research. Our investment research, unlike the sell-side, is not an inducement to trade, and is more accurately described as an independent summary of the pros and cons of investing in a company.


Our research of the investment community takes two roles. The first role, and this relates to our core capabilities in corporate access, is the provision of research around ownership trends and particulars that may affect how a company evaluates and acts in the maintenance of its relationship with the investment community. A prime illustration of this would be our quarterly reviews of European share ownership – a key market for North American companies – and whether funds are flowing in or out of specific sectors, industries and companies. From a corporate perspective knowing that your company is in a peer group where money managers in London, Paris, Toronto or New York for that matter have been allocating more assets makes the decision to pursue corporate access in these areas much easier. From an investor perspective understanding how your asset allocation and stock selection compares to peers is a useful way of staying on top of a story. If a long-term investor in a company is ‘lightening their load’ after many years of support, and you value their long-term insight into that company, then it may make you think twice about whether to invest or not. If Warren Buffet was a seller would you be? Our Magpie strategies illustrate the power of bringing together the investment ideas that can be generated from such analysis.

The second role is in the analysis of ownership trends by investors in relation to specific issues, whether it be about the changing scope of their investment criteria in practice or on topics such as corporate governance, portfolio turnover, and industry bias and the like. In this regard our research is available to the public as well as industry participants and open to specific requests by companies or investors interested in a particular issue.


Samples of our reports are available upon request.

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